It's NOT about what I make,It's about the process of making it!

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It’s not about what YOU make. It’s about the process of making it!

It’s not about what YOU make. It’s about the process of making it!

  • Are you a “Multi-passionate Hobbyist.” Discover a world of endless creativity and fulfillment through diverse hobbies and projects.
  • Watch and learn how you can make fun and profitable projects using rocks, glass, metal, wood, vinyl graphics, and graphic design!
  • “Tool hacks” A creative and unconventional ways of using tools for purposes other than their original design or intended function. These hacks often involve modifying, repurposing, or combining tools to make them more versatile or suitable for specific tasks. Tool hacks can be a cost-effective and innovative way to solve problems or create unique projects.
  • I have spent a lot of time and money inside my shop learning skills that can help YOU save money and time with your creations and hobbies while having fun doing it.

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Banging out Another Vector Scroll Saw Pattern In Inkscape

It all starts with a photo & Inkscape.

I am often asked where I get scroll saw patterns for my scrollsaw art.

Simply put, I make them myself using a photo and then using Inkscape SVG (vector) software. Inkscape is free software that is comparable to Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, and Affinity. There are others, but these are the most popular.

I tried Adobe and Corel, but I tired quickly of the subscription-based model that those programs charge.

Inkscape is free, not a trial free, but free free, FOREVER!!

Inkscape v1.3

Version 1.3 has come out recently and has many new improvements that can be used in creating vector scroll saw patterns. It is an easy-to-learn software with tons of free YouTube tutorials.

Vector Patterns

Vector patterns allow you the flexibility to resize your patterns without losing details and maintaining crisp, clear lines.

Stroll on over to the Inkscape website download a copy for yourself and get to creating. You can go directly there by using this link .

It’s a Process | My Direction

Being Creative is my Direction & It’ll Never End


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I can’t help myself,I like to make stuff.

All kinds of stuff.

Just look at my Instagram or You Tube pages. I have a variety of projects and ideas that I have “been into over the years”.

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