My Tools are my Toys!

Are you Venturing into the Unknown?

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Lighthearted Learning: Keeping the approach fun, engaging, and playful for hobbyists of all ages.


So you could say My Shop is My Playground.

In short, I have a lot of “toys for grown-ups” It is a way to express that I have fun using my tools, just like a child would have fun playing with toys. It is also a way to express that I enjoy using tools for creative or constructive purposes.

What do you call a person that has a lot of hobbies?

A person who has a lot of hobbies is often called a “polymath” or a “renaissance person.” These terms are used to describe someone who has a wide range of knowledge, skills, and interests in many different fields. Another term that is similar is “Jack of all trades, master of none,” which refers to a person who has a wide range of skills but does not excel in any one field.

Honestly, I just like to play with my toys…. As an adult.


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starphire glass

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Polish rocks by hand

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