My Tools are my Toys!

So you could say My Shop is My Playground.

In short, I have a lot of “toys for grown-ups” It is a way to express that I have fun using my tools, just like a child would have fun playing with toys. It is also a way to express that I enjoy using tools for creative or constructive purposes.

What do you call a person that has a lot of hobbies?

A person who has a lot of hobbies is often called a “polymath” or a “renaissance person.” These terms are used to describe someone who has a wide range of knowledge, skills, and interests in many different fields. Another term that is similar is “Jack of all trades, master of none,” which refers to a person who has a wide range of skills but does not excel in any one field.

Honestly, I just like to play with my toys…. As an adult.


Starphire Glass

starphire glass

Starphire glass is a type of high-quality glass that has a lower iron content than regular glass, resulting in a clearer and more transparent appearance. Here are five differences between…

Playing on the ScrollSaw

I am still a beginner on the scrollsaw. You know the old saying, practice makes perfect. I, for one, don’t think the “perfect” part will apply to me. Don’t get…

New Year & New Hobbies

grayscale photo of person carving block

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How to Polish Rocks by Hand

Polish rocks by hand

Alternative to Expensive Rock Polishing Equipment There are many ways to polish rocks by hand. You could use a rock tumbler.That is if ya want to wait a couple of…

Slide & Tilt Lathe Sander

Lathe sander

   I’ve created a page to give you the first look and introduction to a faster lathe sanding process. Check it out here.  

Micarta Ring | 6 Steps it takes to build one

Stainless Steel and Micarta Ring

Micarta Ring

There are actually more then 6 steps it takes to build a micarta ring. But you’ll get a good idea of what goes into the build.

  1. Let’s start out with choosing the piece of micarta and stainless steel round bar stock that will make up the micarta ring.

Micarta chunk

Micarta chunk

Here I have chosen a 1″ outside diameter stainless steel bar rod. For work ability I cut this down with a portaband to 1/2″ wide before taking it to the mini lathe.

Using a 1-1/2″X1-1/2″ x .40 piece of Micarta that was sent to me from another ring maker to try out as the outer skin of the ring.

Micarta is extremely easy to work with both on and off the lathe. It cuts and sand easily without special tools. It also polishes up real nice.

Foot Controls that Help with Production

Mini lathe set up with foot controls

Four Foot Controls I use while working.

Foot Controls

Foot Controls

Take a look at my work area on the floor.

You’ll see four foot controllers I use while working at the mini lathe bench. Utilizing these foot pedals allow me to focus using both hands during the production process.



Air & Power foot controls.


Air & Power foot controllers

Air & Power foot controllers

On the left side of my lathe bench are the air and power controllers.

The air foot pedal allows me to provide a coolant mist to my parts while machining them.

The power controls the shop vac which sucks in the fine spray mist from the coolant mister,Also during some of the sanding processes or turning wood inlay materials the shop vac sucks in dust and wood chips.





Resize Your Images for your Blog or Website

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How I resize my images for my blog.

Today’s post is not about tools or how to make something.

This short tutorial is base on those of you running Windows based computers.

Instead I wanted to share with those of you that have your own blog or website how to resize your images for a blog or website for faster loading pages..

Most people know that a slow loading blog will drive your viewers crazy and most likely will make them move on to another site. This process won’t guarantee these visitors will stay but it will certainly help page loading.

There a hundreds of image editing program out there but I find when I transfer photos from my cameras to my desktop I can change the large image files quickly with out opening a program.

I’m sure if you’ll be editing your pictures the image editing program may be better. This is just quick and easy for me.

Large image File size from camera

Large image File size from camera