A New Way to Sand,Grind & Polish Using a Lathe Sander

As a ring maker I realized I needed to come up with a faster way of grinding,sanding and polishing my rings. So I invented this lathe sander.

You’ll see in the video just a little bit of the techniques I use while making the rings.

The video is part 1 of 2 because you-tubers don’t like long videos so I decided to put up this page that will go into greater details about the lathe sander,when and what grit size belt to use and some other useful information that may help you if your looking to speed up sanding,grinding and polishing on a lathe.

The Lathe Sander is not just for ring makers.

I have only used this process & method on rings at this point because,well that’s what I make the most. I plan on experimenting with other projects like pens,spikes,beads ect. Maybe I’ll get into those projects too!

Lathe sander

Slide and Tilt Lathe Sander

lathe sander

lathe sander


Patent Pending

I file for a provisional patent as a challenge to myself and this linear slide and tilt sanding system is “patent pending”.

I was asked on Instagram why I did this. Here is my reply:

I’ve been an electrician for about 40 years and over those years I’ve come up with ideas for tools that I never did anything with. Those tools went to market by someone else years after I thought of them. So I guess it’s kind of a challenge to myself to see if anything comes from it. This is really simple to make so those who are able and want to make it are going too. No worries there,but then there are others that just want to buy something and get to work. Maybe I can do something with that!

More to come.

I am still in the introduction phase for my lathe sander and would like to keep adding more tip,tricks and techniques as they come along during the development of future improvments abilities of this system.

Post some questions or ideas and let me know your thoughts.

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