My tools and shop tour

My tag line explains that I am all about the process of making something. Of course you can’t make anything without tools so I figured I’d show you around my shop .

It’s not about what I make. It’s about the process of making it!!!

I don’t go into detail of each tool on these pages. I’ll be doing that on separate pages and posts as time goes on.The shop tour is broken up into 2 parts.

You can click on the part 1 and part 2 link below to go there directly.

Part 1 covers tools like the mini-lathe,belt sanders,grinder sandblast cabinet.


Part 2 covers the tools I use on my workbench and work table.Tools include the drill presses,vises,computer,anodizer,bandsaws and welders.

When I built my shop in 2002 I had the goal of sandblasting decorative things like glass and rock But as time has passed I really just started doing everything that caught my interest EXCEPT large woodworking projects. Just couldn’t get into it!