Alternative to Expensive Rock Polishing Equipment



There are many ways to polish rocks by hand. You could use a rock tumbler.That is if ya want to wait a couple of weeks to get your rocks polished. Or you could use a diamond wheel polisher.That will set you back $1400. for the smaller version like the 6″ size. And if your really on a low bduget you could use sandpaper.LOTS of sand paper.

Now don’t get me wrong; there are benifits to these three methods. It’s all up to you and your chooseing.But if you really want to polish rocks by hand take a look below.

Depending on how much money and time you have,thereare quite a few options including the diamond pads shown below. It is currently the method I am using with more than desirable results.


These diamond hand pads from Amazon are a nice in between from basic sand paper to the high end polishing machines. There is effort in using these pads but the results are fantastic.You can polish round rocks,flat rocks even some rocks that have those little crevesis in them.

I’ve included a photo here of my homemade rock carving and polishing cabinet. Having a setup like this is not necssary however it makes my hoby a bit more enjoyable.

Homemade Custom Rock carving and polishing Cabinet


In the YouTube video above I showed you step by step how to polish rocks by hand. AND for just under $60 bucks you can get the same results that I have gotten.

So Here is one more video so you can see the results with different rocks.

How to polish rocks by hand;the results!

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