Foot Controls that Help with Production

Four Foot Controls I use while working.

Foot Controls
Foot Controls

Take a look at my work area on the floor.

You’ll see four foot controllers I use while working at the mini lathe bench. Utilizing these foot pedals allow me to focus using both hands during the production process.



Air & Power foot controls.


Air & Power foot controllers
Air & Power foot controllers

On the left side of my lathe bench are the air and power controllers.

The air foot pedal allows me to provide a coolant mist to my parts while machining them.

The power controls the shop vac which sucks in the fine spray mist from the coolant mister,Also during some of the sanding processes or turning wood inlay materials the shop vac sucks in dust and wood chips.





The mister and shop vac are set up right at the lathe chuck.

Mist coolant & Vacuum
Mist coolant & Vacuum

When machining metal parts I don’t want to run the coolant system all the time so using the foot pedal it lets me spray coolant on a as needed basis.

Same with the shop vac,I just don’t need it all the time.

Both of these allow me to keep my hands on the equipment and/or parts when turning them on and off.




Foot controls on my right are for the Dremel Fortiflex and camera control.

Dremel foot controler
Dremel foot controler

The Dremel Fortiflex comes with a variable speed foot pedal. This is one tool I can’t live with out. Keeping both hands on your work piece is a absolute must.

The camera control is quite helpful while I’m taking photos for the blog. I can concentrate on what I’m doing with the worries of set up the timer on the camera. With out a doubt this is one of the coolest foot pedals I have.




Dremel Fortiflex & Dslr
Dremel Fortiflex & Dslr

My Dremel Fortiflex hangs under the upper cabinets and is in the on position at the motor unit at all times. The foot pedal is variable speed so this is really convenient.

The camera pedal has a 25′ cord on it so I can set up the camera up anywhere I need to get the perfect shot.





I also use the air and power foot controls for many other tools and applications

This set up is currently the most used set up.

Thanks for looking and feel free to share this post if you found it helful.



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