How I resize my images for my blog.

Today’s post is not about tools or how to make something.

This short tutorial is base on those of you running Windows based computers.

Instead I wanted to share with those of you that have your own blog or website how to resize your images for a blog or website for faster loading pages..

Most people know that a slow loading blog will drive your viewers crazy and most likely will make them move on to another site. This process won’t guarantee these visitors will stay but it will certainly help page loading.

There a hundreds of image editing program out there but I find when I transfer photos from my cameras to my desktop I can change the large image files quickly with out opening a program.

I’m sure if you’ll be editing your pictures the image editing program may be better. This is just quick and easy for me.

Large image File size from camera

Large image File size from camera

Once you’ve selected the images you want to resize right click and select “send to” in the drop down menu.

Select "send to" in drop down menu

Select “send to” in drop down menu

Another menu as shown will pop up then select mail recipient.

You may have to set up a default mail client,mine is Outlook.

mail recipient

Select mail recipient

Here is the box that you will resize your images.

Choose which image size in pixels you want to use.I generally go with the medium size for my gallery.

Select your image file size

Select your image file size

Next you will select all photos and copy them to the clip board.

e-mail program

e-mail program

Notice the Yellow highlighted file sizes!

Now all you need to do is past them back into the folder you use to upload to your blog or website.

Notice the huge file size difference between this picture and the first image on this page!

new image file size for wordpress

new image file size for word press


There you go,now you have smaller file sizes for your images. This will dramatically change the page load time.

I hope this will help you out and remember that this is for Windows based computers.

If you know of someone else that may benefit from this little tip please feel free to share it however you like.

Thanks for looking,Ken