OMG | First Damascus Ring came out Great!!!

Titanium Damascus Ring

Titanium Damascus Ring

Here is my first successfully completed Damascus Ring and I could not be happier with the way it turned out.

This was created and handcrafted (with the help from a few tools) from a 1″ round  spiral Damascus lug I purchased from VegasForge. They are a supplier of metals for the ring and knife maker community.

damascus ring on the rocksWhen I start making a Damascus ring they are a solid piece rod or plug depending on how they are purchased.  After drilling,turning and polishing the Damascus it is dipped into a jar of acid for a few minutes then cleaned with backing soda was followed by several various cleaners.

That is the real short version. I will be creating a page that explains the whole process in the very near future.


sprial damascus


While I was writing another post on my blog the ring was sitting on a bookshelf next to my desk. I walked out of my office for a few minutes to feed the cat and when I came back the sun was shining through the curtains just right so I just had to take this photo and include it on my post.

Damascus Shine

This ring was made with a Titanium liner. Some makers will polish the inside using only the steel in the Damascus.
I really love working with Titanium so this one was made by pressure fitting the two metals together then sanding and polishing for a seamless fit.

I used a bench top arbor press and custom made(by me) mandrel & die to do the pressure fit. For those that are interested I’ll post a link to a page explaining how the mandrel and die are used as well as how I made it from 4130 chromoly steel.

Thanks for looking and you can always look a my photo gallery visit my Instagram   page or the post rings I’ve made from stainless steel and titanium

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