Rings I’ve made from Stainless Steel and Titanium

Check out some of my ring designs…

Let me start off with the fact that these designs are not designs that I came up with. Each rings design is found common place through other  custom ring makers too. So the word “My” should be used only to reflect the fact that I made them myself using the tools I have inside my shop.



zebra wood ring
all stainless steel ring
stainless steel rosewood ring
ironwood with stainless steel liner ring
ironwood liner titanium ring

It is now November 2017 and I only started this carft of making rings in May of this year, I have had alot of fun and frustration learning how to use a lathe,turn metal,inlay wood and how using the different types of materials blended together.

titanium sandblasted purple anodized ring
rosewood titanium maple ring
stainless steel ironwood ring
brass wood titanium ring
titanium sandblasted gold anodized ring






                                                                                                                                      Every ring

that I have made does have their own unique characteristics built into them. Although the styles and designs look similar, they are one of a kind rings.

african titanium ring
rosewood ironwood titanium ring
brass stainless steel titanium ring
ebony titanium ring
maple titanium 3 groove ring
Sandblasted rings
sandblasted anodized titanium ring
ironwood titanium ring
hand filed titanium ring
maple rosewood titanium ring


















All of the rings shown are made from the highest quality materials. I use grade 2 titanium which is know to be titanium in it’s purest form. Stainless steel used is 316L. These metals are know to be hypoallergenic for those with metal allergies.


Her are a few of the woods I use in the inlays and liners, iron wood,rosewood,hard maple,zebra wood,African ebony,blood wood to name a few. Of course almost any type of wood can be used.

I have also made rings using inlay materials like granite,marble,leather from my old boots and acrylic colors.



I appreciate you taking a look at the rings that I have made.

To learn a little more of what I do check out this post   It’s a Process | My Direction or my Instagram page


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