Being Creative is my Direction & It’ll Never End


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I can’t help myself,I like to make stuff.

All kinds of stuff.

Just look at my Instagram or You Tube pages. I have a variety of projects and ideas that I have “been into over the years”.

Some may say I’m not focused and all over the place in the things I make.

But in reality I am focused. I am focused on being creative. Making stuff I’ve never made before or perfecting the things I do make.

I create stuff out of glass,metal,stone,wood,plastics,acrylic and tile. You get the picture.

You see, I don’t like just making ONE product!  I like making anything that allows me to stretch and use my creativity.

Perhaps what I really love the most is using tools. I’ll cut,grind,shape,glue,screw and press together almost any kind of materials to satisfy  my need to use my tools.


I like to learn new things every day. So when I see something that stands out on the internet or while I’m out shopping I just have to figure out how to make it.

There are exceptions to that rule and that would be the physical size of the project. I have a small shop so yes,there are limitations in what I make and create.


I am still in the process of building this blog (more learning) so check back on it’s progress now and then.

I have a photo gallery up showing some of my work,ideas and tools so take a look over there too!  Photo Gallery


Thanks for looking!